The Last Rogue

Title: The Last Rogue

  • Author: Connie Mason

Casting aside his wicked ways, notorious scoundrel Viscount Westmore exiles himself to St. Ives, and, attempting to lead a life of celibacy, finds himself drawn into a world of passion and danger at the hands of a beautiful amber-eyed smuggler.

All London was stunned by Lucas, Viscount Westmores vow to give up the fair sex and exile himself to St. Ives. The infamous rake was known for his love of luxury and his way with the ladies, just as the rugged Cornish coast was known for its savagery, its fearsome gales and its smugglers.

But Luc was determines to turn away from the seduction of white thighs and perfume flesh that had once ended in tragedy. In the long, lonely hours of darkness he would make his atonement . . . or so he thought. He never guessed the stormy nights of Cornwall would bring unlooked-for danger, the thrill of the chase, and a long-legged beauty who would tempt him like no other. As illicit cargo changed hands, as her flashing amber eyes challenged his very masculinity, he longed for nothing so much as to lose himself in . . . Bliss.