Sheik - Testimonial

SHEIK was my first Connie Mason book and I was not disappointed. This book had me on the edge of my seat with every page. I could smell the scents, taste the food...I felt like I was in Morocco.

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Viking - Testimonial

The VIKING is the best love story from Connie! I'm a great fan of her! This book has everything from sexy encounters to love! I'm never been disappointed by Connie's stories of adventures. I've reread many of my favorites just because of the great story line.

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The Black Knight - Testimonial

What a story!!! From beginning to end, this books captivated me. The story is wonderful and romantic. "Raven" is beautiful, strong, innocent and lovely. I was rooting for her in every page. The "Black Knight" doesn't deserve her, is at times so mean to her I cried, but he certainly makes it up to her in the end. Great love story, lots of passion, steamy sex, and perfect ending!

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The Dragon Lord - Testimonial

THE DRAGON LORD is an exciting yet humorous medieval romance. New York Times best-selling author Connie Mason shows why she is so highly regarded by fans and reviewers with this robust historical romance that freshens up the overused John scenario with the shrew taming the dragon.

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Wind Rider - Testimonial

Wow, WIND RIDER was a great story! I loved every reading word of it! The story, the happenings thru-out and the ending was GREAT!!! Very entertaining, each and every chapter of it! Fast-paced, tense, and full of wicked desire.

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